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The Coalition is an alliance formed by the Northern Kiith, or clan, of the Kushan in Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. They are the game's primary protagonists.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After the Heresy War, which resulted in the destruction of the holy city of Saju-ka and the outlawing of the Kiith Gaalsien, many of the remaining Kiith formed an uneasy alliance. As the Gaalsien transitioned into a nomadic desert tribe of zealots, the alliance began to undertake scientific endeavors. After the discovery of the Jaraci Object in the Great Banded Desert, the Coalition authorize a scientific expedition, led by Rachel S'jet of the Kiith S'jet. As the expedition departs, centered around the Kiith S'jet landcruiser Kapisi, the Kiith Gaalsien attack, laying waste to many Coalition bases, including the Epsilon Base.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Coalition units are ruggedly designed, over-engineered and heavily tested. Their armor plating and treads allow them to fight in a number of environments with protection against a wide variety of weaponry. These generalized units must commit to an engagement for victory. Coalition vehicles are not as fast and are designed for general purpose, not a specialized role. Coalition have several methods to take and image09secure map control from their opponents. Their gameplay is inspired by Cold War period vehicle tactics and Greek phalanx forces – both of which rely on committing completely to the battlefield.

Units[edit | edit source]

Special Units[edit | edit source]

Special Units are those units that are special to the story, and only exist in the single player game. They are generally variants of other regular units.

Command-Class[edit | edit source]

Basic Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Heavy Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Cruiser-class[edit | edit source]

Non-Combat Units[edit | edit source]

Non-Combat Units are those units used outside of combat, often to supply or support traditional combat roles. These units include deployable augments that alter the fleet.